Droplet Purifiers 100LPH RO Water Plant areused to purify contaminated water and provide bacteria and virus free water. It removes any dissolved solids from water by multiple stage purification process like RO+UV+Tds and provide pure and mineral rich water. These plants are used in schools, colleges, offices etc.

100 Liters Per Hour:

Droplet 50LPH RO contains ro water purification of 100 liters per hour which is suitable for small schools, colleges, offices, hotels etc.

Multiple Membrane Technology:

Droplet commercial RO of 100LPH contains multiple membrane purification which divides the load per membrane and allows membrane life to increase for years.

Multiple Stage Purification:

To ensure purity, Droplet Commercial RO goes through multiple stage of purification to purify water from any kind of bacteria, viruses or dissolved solids.

Multiple Stage Purification:

Droplet Purifiers have innovated aunique technology and this technology is implemented in the water purifier devices which retains essential minerals required for a human body and the water is purified with controlled TDS.

Strong SS Body

The filtration equipment’s are protected with a Stainless Steel body to protect
the filters from any external damage.

Auto On Off

The Auto On Off facility in the RO ensures and alerts the water level in the
tank when the water reaches the minimum level and shuts off automatically when the water reaches the maximum level.

One Year Warranty

For hassle free purchase Droplet provides one year warranty on all water


Applications Schools. Offices, Colleges, Hotels etc
Purification Capacity 100 Ltr/Hr
Max Input TDS 1000ppm
Permeate TDS <150ppm
Anti Scalant Dosing System No
Anti Scalant Dosing Tank No
Sediment Filter 5 Micron, 20” length
Activated Carbon Filter 650IV, 20” Length
Activated Granular Filter 20” Length
Recovery % 40%
No. Of Pumps 2 No.
Pumps Capacity 100GPD
No Of Membranes 4 No.
Membrane Capacity 100GPD
Input Power Supply Single Phase, 220V AC
Stages Of Filtration Sediment Filter + Activated Carbon Filter + Granular Carbon + RO+ Mineral Cartridge.
Life Of Activated Carbon Filter 6 Months on 500ppm TDS
Life Of Activated Granular Filter 6 Months on 500ppm TDS
Life Of Sediment Filter 3 Months on 500ppm TDS
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Total Power Consumption 80 Watts