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Droplet Purifiers - Most Trusted Water Purifier Company in India

Sahara Industry is a conglomerate entity in Hyderabad and a preferred tag name for consumers in the consumer market which caters to a plethora of industrial application products such as:

  • Water Treatment

  • Effluent Water Treatment
  • Chemical, Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel Industries

The company has been quite instrumental in dealing with diversified product manufacturing”;

We have hereby emerged and evolved in the market offering products at a reasonable price and with absolute customer satisfaction. Looking at the growing concerns of water pollution today; the company has transformed itself towards entering into the efficacy of comprehensive water treatment solutions.

Droplet Water Purifier has emerged as an epitome of Sahara Industry

Droplets Water Purifier has emerged with the aim and an intent to provide clean drinking water and, which is vehemently free from any possible contamination. The company is a privately owned water purification company in Hyderabad and serves the complete cluster of Hyderabad and Telangana and also covering parts of India.

Droplet Purifiers sahara industry
The Core Mission:
  • The core mission and objectives have been to persistently make sure that we deliver quality water for consumers in the first place.
  • We directly work with homeowners, business owners, and other townships and thrive towards making the water 100% safe for the healthy life of both home and business owners.
  • When a problem arises with drinking water, we work to ensure that the water purification goes through all the water certification tests required.

The Best water purification Products and services at Droplets ensure guarantee

We have indeed become the preferred name in the consumer market as we make ourselves so certain that the quality of our water purification services in Hyderabad is 100% guaranteed as the water purification services goes through various phases and we have also been credited to document the quality during the course of our delivery model both residential and commercial setups in Hyderabad.

As a part of our initiative towards offering clean drinking water, the company values customer’s long sustained loyalty and in this endeavour, we often pride ourselves to have many referrals that we receive from our satisfied customers who have always been our best patrons.

The Vision:

While we get involved in dealing with water and air contamination, we emphasize more in the removal of these contaminants through air and water purification. The vision is to provide exhaustive consultation and vehemently get involved in offering the best equipment, installation and service contracts concerning the water and air purification.


Strategically located in Toopran a suburb in Hyderabad, the company comprises of six both domestic and industrial manufacturing units within the area of 7,00, 000 Sq.Ft. The company has numerous manufacturing machines like Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Filament Winding, CNC, VMC, and Laser Cutting machinery with fully automatic controlled systems.

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We transform ordinary tap water into clean

of lead and asbestos
of chlorine, chloramines
other harmful contaminants
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