Commercial RO Water Treatment Systems

Commercial RO Water Plants.

The commercial reverse osmosis plants or RO Plants are used for various purpose to purify water for bottle filling purpose with ISI certified trade mark or for many other uses like to provide pure and uncontaminated water in schools, colleges, offices etc. Droplet Purifiers is capable of providing reliable reverse osmosis plants or RO plants with minimal maintenance and high production rate along with less wastage of water as well. The RO plant capacity starts from 50LPH and goes on to desirable capacity.

Commercial RO plant

Light Commercial RO

Light Commercial RO plants starts from 50LPH to 150LPH which commonly used in schools, offices, colleges etc. The machinery equipped with multiple stage purification with RO+UV+TDS included.

commerical ro plant

Full Comercial RO

Full Commercial RO plants starts from 250LPH to 10,000LPH which are use for Packaged Drinking Water, Bottling business, large scale schools, colleges, offices etc. The mainly use purification technology is Reverse Osmosis with minimal wastage of water.