Industrial Water Softener


Hard water poses a potential threat to the performance of boilers, Cooling towers and other associated equipment’s which are adversely affected by scaling caused by hard water. Droplet Industrial water softeners treat your hard water for industrial use by removing hardness from the water using ion exchange resin. The resin acts as industrial hard water treatment and replaces the hardness in the water with salt (brine) that is regenerated periodically. This process is called ion exchange, and removes harsh manganese, calcium, and magnesium ions from your incoming water supply. Our industrial water softeners are available in both manual and fully automatic operation which can be constructed as portable systems, skid mounted pre-piped, pre-wired units. Droplet Purifiers has been installing industrial water softener systems for many years, and can develop an efficient system producing exactly the correct type of soft water needed for your application and Droplet industrial water softeners are considered as concrete solution for this problem, which prevents scale formation. We offers a full line of standard and fully-customizable water softening systems and offers comprehensive maintenance of your industrial, commercial, or municipal water softener systems with production flow rate starting from 1000LPH – 1,00,000LPH.

How to Size Your Industrial Water Softener System

The Design of water softener depends upon three different parameters:
– The amount of hardness is present in the water. The hardness allows us to calculate the quantity
of resin to be used in water softener and flow of soft water between regenerations.
– The Quantity of water to be delivered between regenerations. The flow of water between
regeneration depends upon the hardness of water.
– Maximum Flow Rate required at any peak usage of water softener.