Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Droplet Purifiers manufactures industry proven water treatment plants which are certified by many quality assurance organizations such as ISO9001, ISO14001, Water Quality Association, CE etc. Our tremendous success in highly competitive sector is solely due the resources owned by us and our highly qualified engineering team and facility of manufacturing capability is one of them. We have a team of expertise professionals which can customize and design industrial water treatment plants that are reliable and cost effective keeping in mind that less wastage of water shall be done. Our wide range of water treatment systems like UltraPure Water Treatment Plant, RO Water Treatment Plant, Water Softeners, Ultra Violet Filtration Plants etc. are widely demanded in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and beverages industry etc. We have an excellent infrastructure to design, engineer, manufacture, carry out erection and commissioning the complete range of water treatment plant and systems to suit various requirements.

Industrial RO Water Treatment Plant


Droplet Purifiers Certified Industrial RO Water Plant are designed and engineered in a way to treat industrial water and produce high quality of pure water without any impurities or dissolved solids in it so that it can be used for drinking or to be used pure water for heavy machinery like Cooling Tower, Boilers, Chillers etc.

Industrial Water Softener


Soft water is more essential in industries to prevent scale formation on industrial heavy machinery. At Droplet Purifiers we manufacture water softeners which can be customized as per the customer need. The proven ion exchange technology with fully automatic control and engineered brine tank of industrial water softener allows us to treat hard water and convert it into soft water of desired level without any human effort.

Ultrafiltration Systems


Ultra Filtration is a filtration process which is used to pre-treat surface water and remove suspended solids, bacteria and viruses of 0.01 micron size and remove particles which can choke the RO membrane. The process, however, is not capable of decreasing TDS or removing dissolved impurities.
The filtration process includes a filter with a pore size of 0.01 micron.

UltraPure Water Treatment Plant

Ultra Pure Water Purifiers plant

Droplet Purifiers provides standardized and customized ultrapure water (UPW) systems using industry-proven membrane and MBR resin-based technologies which includes ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO). The UPW incorporates highest standard of purification of Type I water with a conductivity upto  (<0.1 µS/cm) and also encompasses less operational and maintenance cost

Ultraviolet FIltration

Ultra Violet Filtration has become an integral component to most of the residential and industrial users, as the filtrations system purifies water through ultraviolet rays or the UV rays.
The UV rays damages the bacterial DNA, thereby making it impossible for the bacteria to survive both in air and water