Residential RO Water Purifiers

Residential RO Water Purifiers

RO Water Purifier has now become the most essential appliance in most of the household and many users prefer them given the bad water condition in the city. The residential water purifier plays a key role in bringing good health.

It is quite intriguing to know and understand that most of us generally associate diseases to occur with a change of climate or having taken the food with certain unhygienic conditions. But seldom, we realise that even water that we tend to consume on a daily basis can become the reason for certain diseases.

There are a few occasions that we even have the tap water which unknowingly contains elements such as chlorine and other pesticides which are harmful to humans and these reasons call for residential RO water purifier

Enjoy purity in every drop through Droplet Purifiers

Droplet Purifier the RO water purifier company in Hyderabad offers the finest residential RO water purifiers for customers. The RO water purifier encompasses the following filtration process for water:

  • Pre Filtration: The pre-filtration comprises of a 5-micron cartridge filter with a pore size of 5 microns. The filter restricts the flow of particles which are 5-micron size such as sand etc to pass through them.
  • Sediment Filter: This filter restricts sand and dust which flows through the cartridge filter. The filter only allows the water to pass through it.
  • Carbon filtration: The filtration is responsible to remove harmful chemicals in the water. Carbon filtration also has the capability to remove the colour and smell in the water. Particles such as sediment, volatile, organic compounds are also comprehensively maintained through the carbon filter.
  • RO Filtration: RO Filtration or the Reverse Osmosis is a technology which is implemented to remove a large proportion of dissolved contaminants in water. The technology enables pushing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. The TDS controlled in the RO filtration enables to retain essential minerals in the water.
  • Post Carbon Filtration: The post-carbon filtration is a method to increase taste in the water, this is done by constantly checking the pH level of water so that water tastes sweet during the RO Purification.
  • Ultra Filtration: The process of ultrafiltration involves the killing of bacteria and virus through ultraviolet rays so that the bacteria and virus do not reproduce through water, as the process damage their DNA.

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