Water Softener

Water Softener

One should understand that the presence of excess minerals in water such as calcium, sodium and magnesium tends to make the water hard and when one consumes such water get prone to many problems such as dry skin, hair loss. It also leads to the rough fabric after washing, clogging of pipes and fittings, white scale marks on bathroom tiles, low life of geyser etc.

This indeed calls for a water softener which can easily remove the presence of excess minerals which are present in water and further making it edible for human consumption. The functionality of the water softener is to exchange the salts as mentioned above into soft water.

The greatest advantage that one can observe is that the soft water which is produced by a water softener often tends to produce excess lather during washing, to have the most superior and brighter washing.

Droplet Purifier becomes the epicentre for the finest water softeners

Droplet Purifier is a water purification company in Hyderabad, specialising in various types of water softener devices in the consumer market. The product becomes flexible enough to get into both the residential and commercial setups much easily. The softener conceived and designed by us removes the hardness from water by eliminating and magnesium ions from water and convert it into soft water.

Through soft drop water softener, one can get every drop of water with softness, which increases the life of your daily use appliances.

Droplet Purifier Advantages
  • The device can be installed and connected to the overhead storage tank, this way the entire house can get clean drinking water.
  • It can be connected to the inlet line which invariably connects to the home appliances such as washing machine, geyser & shower
Key Features:

Whole House Water Softener: Softdrop can be installed in the overhead tank to supply soft water to the whole house or can be connected to the in-line supply system to supply soft water from the device to home appliances such as washing machine, geyser etc.

Automatic Regeneration: The device is equipped with fully automatic regeneration function to avoid human efforts to regenerate water softener. The control panel in the device is automated to control the hardness level in the water and accordingly softens the water. The automatic regeneration goes through five stages of regeneration such as:

  • Service
  • Backwash
  • Regeneration
  • Brine refill
  • Rinse

Time-flow based regeneration: The regeneration in the soft drop water softener is arranged in two ways: one with flow-based or time-based. These arrangements are made available so that the user can change the settings at any point of time in order to get a hassle-free regeneration for non-stop soft water.

High-quality soft water: The regeneration process in the device is completely automated so that eliminates errors with the device and hence one can receive quality soft water.

Less salt requirement: The water softener requires less salt requirement in order to have an exchange of sodium ions with calcium and magnesium ions to produce soft water.

LCD Control Panel: The LCD control panel contains all the relevant information for a smooth operational flow of the device such as liters before regeneration etc. These functional attributes can be set manually by the user anytime during the use of the device.

High capacity water softener produces: The water softeners are designed and customized in such a way that it can increase the quantity of water before two regenerations.

One year warranty: Soft Drop water softener from Droplet Purifiers gives one year warranty for the device and the consumer can get the troubleshooting services for the device for a year.

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